Mazatlan Rentals Long Term


Mazatlan Rentals Long Term

Jun 14, 2024

Colorful homes on iconic street Angel Flores in Mazatlan, MX

Are you tired of long, dreary winters? Yearning for a change of scenery that includes endless sunshine, stunning beaches, and a vibrant cultural scene? Look no further than Mazatlán, Mexico! OCCAN Properties is happy to help you find your Mazatlan Rentals Long Term!

Nestled along the Pacific Coast, this gem offers a perfect blend of laid-back beach life and modern amenities, making it an ideal destination for those considering a move from Canada or the United States.

Embracing the Climate

One of the most compelling reasons to relocate to Mazatlán is undoubtedly its enviable climate. Say goodbye to shoveling snow and bundling up in layers—Mazatlán boasts an average temperature of 80°F (27°C) year-round, making it a paradise for sun-seekers. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, exploring the city’s cobblestone streets, or enjoying outdoor activities like fishing and surfing, you’ll revel in the warmth and sunshine that Mazatlán offers.


Compared to many cities in Canada and the United States, Mazatlán offers a significantly lower cost of living without sacrificing quality of life. From housing to groceries to entertainment, your hard-earned dollars stretch much further in Mazatlan. Whether you choose to rent a beachfront condo or a character home in the Historic Center, you’ll find that your money goes a long way in Mazatlán, affording you the opportunity to live comfortably while enjoying all that the city has to offer.

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Rich Culture and Heritage

Mazatlán isn’t just about beaches and sunshine—it’s also a city steeped in history, culture, and tradition. From its charming colonial architecture to its vibrant festivals and bustling markets, Mazatlán offers a rich array of experiences. Immerse yourself in the local culture by sampling traditional cuisine, taking in a performance of the world-renowned Ballet Folklórico, or learning about the city’s past at one of its many museums. In Mazatlán, every day is an opportunity to discover something new and exciting.

Cultura Mazatlan organizes amazing events all year round. Their calendars can be found HERE.

Warm and Welcoming Community

Moving to a new country can be daunting, but in Mazatlán, you’ll find a warm and welcoming community ready to embrace you with open arms. Whether you’re a retiree looking to enjoy your golden years in paradise, a digital nomad seeking a change of scenery, or a family in search of new adventures, you’ll find that Mazatlán offers a supportive expat community and friendly locals who are eager to share their love for their city.

Happy family living in Mazatlan, MX

If you’re considering a move from Canada or the United States, Mazatlán offers an irresistible combination of sunshine, affordability, culture, and community making it an attractive destination for expats. Whether you’re drawn to its endless beaches, vibrant cultural scene, or warm and welcoming atmosphere, Mazatlán has something for everyone. So why wait? Embrace the sunshine and start your next chapter in paradise today!

Reach-out to us, and we will be happy to help you find your new home-away-from home!